< My style is frankly demonstrated through my clothes, personality and fashion sense.
This is merely a grand collage of my clothing ideas , and inspirations.

Heavily inspired by popular 80s and 90s sitcoms , my brand is all about nostalgia and vibrancy. Ever since i was young i knew i wanted to be a storyteller and i use fashion and cinema as a means to create the lifestyle i love. We should be able to create the life we want , your own television sitcom; with you as the main character.
Throughout the months the theme of my online shop may change; and it relies solely on how i feel at that point in time, and whatever projects my mind formulates. It may even reflect my idols, and those I look up to. Among all I want to represent my passions and morals, through this art; FASHION. > 

"create your own series"

- Sincerely
                                                                                ( I Am Baby J.)

 The Genesis 

Formerly known as "The Online Thrift Shop", started in 2014 my sophomore year in high school. I thought nothing of it, i just wanted to get rid of my closet that i had been accumulating since I started thrifting in middle school. I had a popular blog at the time and that is where most of my support came from. That summer my sales erupted, i added some emotion-evoking visuals; and that birthed what is now SITCOM. All you need is a group of driven girls, a camera, and a creative mind.

Next stop Hollywood....

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